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Our questionnaire has been carefully designed to allow you to provide us with all of the necessary information in a quick and easy manner, whether you are current in your filings or you are filing late under the Streamlined Procedures.

If you are current in your taxes, please choose Tax Year 2023 to get started on your questionnaire.

If you are filing late through the IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures, please select and fill out the questionnaires for the three late tax years. In the FBAR section of the questionnaire, you will see instructions for providing us your FBAR information for the previous 6 tax years, as required under the Streamlined program.

IMPORTANT – You can use the “Copy data from questionnaire” feature below to roll over your responses from a previous questionnaire. This feature DOES NOT copy all information from your previous questionnaire, but rather basic information that is likely to repeat from year to year. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR QUESTIONNAIRE TO ENSURE THE ACCURACY OF YOUR RESPONSES.

Once you’ve completed your questionnaire, click “Submit” below or at the end of the questionnaire. If any mandatory questions remain, you will be prompted to answer these questions.

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